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An anecdote about naming and language:

In the summer of 2010, an idea was circulated in the press that concerned the suggested renaming of Stanley Park in recognition of the Squamish village once located within the present boundaries of the popular tourist destination. With the heightened … Continue reading

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Twitter and its Post-Spectacular Discontents

Debord defined the spectacle as a one-way communication regime in which Capital discourses endlessly upon itself. [1] Seen from this perspective, the “billboard as a medium” does not convey differentiated content. Instead, its message is formal, and is characterized by continuity, … Continue reading

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Youth workshops

Twice in this past month, as part of the Digital Natives project, I helped run workshops for Aboriginal youth, along with Phillip Djwa and Kristin Kozuback. Phil and Kris each have been doing this kind of thing for over ten … Continue reading

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unpacking the tweeting process

this project helps me to imagine what i would want to see on a billboard instead of ads…  i mulled over possible tweets…  i’ve been thinking a lot with & through water, how it materializes relationships between human & nonhuman … Continue reading

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Distance is not an evil that should be abolished. It is the normal condition of any communication.

These words of Jacques Rancière’s have been taken from a speech entitled “The Emancipated Spectator” that he originally addressed to the 5th International Summer Academy in Frankfurt, Germany on 20 August 2004, and which has since been compiled as part … Continue reading

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Learning through translation

I’m so grateful to Marianne and Gloria Nicolson for their work in translating some of the Digital Natives messages to Kwak’wala. We had a fascinating email exchange about how to convey the meaning of several of the messages in English, … Continue reading

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Digital upstarts

I’m currently teaching a course on autobiography at SFU and pitch it as “from Frederick Douglass to facebook” – Douglass being the author of one of the best-known slave narratives from the 19th century. I’ve been talking in the class … Continue reading

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